Rockabilly River Nights!

“River Nights,” a 1980 song written and sung by Reggie Van Stockum with Tom Hynes on guitar and Paul Woods on drums at the Harvest Coffee and Cafe in Shelbyville, Kentucky, on Friday night, March 19, 2016.

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  1. Some history of Kentucky in “one glorious summary.”

    The chord progressions in this song have become favorites of mine.
    I play them every week in various keys, usually in very slow tempo and sometimes with harmonicas.
    Thank you for sharing this rockabilly version.
    It is especially nice with two favorite musicians, Paul and Tom.
    I don’t try to sing this but I do love the the lyrics and the Kentucky history.
    One line which has baffled me somewhat is “from the Blockhouse they would come.”

    I suspect this refers to the blockhouse that was at Fort Harrod?

    Thank you.
    Stay mighty.

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