The Reginald Bareham Big Band at the Rudyard Kipling!


Reginald Bareham singing his original  song in tribute to Ken and Sheila Pyle , proprietors of the Rudyard Kipling  in Louisville, Kentucky.

Reginald Bareham on vox and acoustic guitar, Elisa Freeman on harmony vox, Bob Giltner on standup bass, Michael Schroeder on mandolin, Pat Lentz on electric guitar, Brian Ginn on snare drum, Belly Dancer Faith Matthews Muller on zills, Will Husband on electric acoustic guitar, and Jeff Waldridge on acoustic belly bass  guitar.

With dancers Cheryl Rankin Van Stockum, Jim Wilson, Melinda Mathis Hardin, Cyndi Powell Skellie, Andrea Crawford, Beth Waldridge, Sacha Powers and featuring the original bonnet man himself, Kenneth Pyle!

At the Reginald Bareham Big Variety Show with the Funky GroundH20 Bluegrass Brass Belly Dancing Band at the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, Kentucky on September 15, 2012.

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