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Praise for Mister Doctor Henning!

A Washington D.C. Lawyer:
“My jaw is still dropped. It was fantastic! I have my seat belt fastened, and I am ready for the rest of the ride… I know authors are supposed to let their writings speak for themselves, but one of the things I find remarkable about your book, … is your nonchalant insertion of multiple rhymes throughout. Ingenious… I have never before seen the melange of the two art forms as you are doing.”
A Louisville, Kentucky, Chemical Engineer:
“Just finished Mister Doctor Henning and I have to extend much praise.
The science-based driving force behind the many mechanisms of Vandermeerium and the possibilities opened to connect wide spans across the universe makes for an excellent plot device with endless possibilities. I am excited to see the next adventure of Henning and learn more about the implications of your new law of thermodynamics… Let me know when you plan to publish the next book in the series.”
A Louisville, Kentucky Humorist, Performer, and Published Author:
“Reading an opening such as yours, with its hard, real-world biological process … involuntarily brought this one-word description to mind: psychedelic. There, not there. Not important, crucial… This ability of yours to channel these disparate jumping-off points into a compelling narrative is some trick … Such is the fabricating, storytelling mind of Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. “… this was a strangely magnetic book for me to take in. The unexplained lingering, lingering. The symbolism. The crashing together of time and place and “coincidence” and circumstance. The truths. The fantastagorical settings. … I’m amazed how you managed to bring coherence through in your fiction science and magic realism … ”
A Washington D.C. Federal Judge:
“Well deserved praise, indeed! As I said before, I read it on so many levels at once, it really is a wonderful book. No one but you could have conceived of it, and I am glad you did.”
A California Educator:
“You should feel a grand sense of accomplishment, well deserved.”
A Boston Newspaperman and Jazz Chronicler:
“Wow! You get some of the most thoughtful, insightful, deep, intelligent reviews ever. And they are remarkably concise.”
About Author

Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. is a lawyer, teacher, biologist, writer, guitarist, and recently an actor living on his family's old farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Santa Clara University, and a Masters and PhD. in Biology from the University of Louisville. He also has his Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. He practices law from offices in Shelbyville, Kentucky concentrating his legal practice in environmental law. His biologic research is in historical phytogeography. Dr. Van Stockum, Jr. has published numerous books, articles, and short stories in the areas of law, science, and creative writing. most of his 24 titles are available on this site and Amazon with many on Kindle and Audible!

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