More than 50 years of original music!

I started writing original music in 1971, my Junior Year of College at Santa Clara University (in the San Francisco Bay Area). I have written several hundred songs since then, more than 100 of which I regularly play out in public. While working as a lawyer in Kentucky, I decided to sing out under the name of my grandfather, Reginald Bareham. He was British and died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme (July 1, 1916, in France)  while my father was still in the womb. I felt in that way I could honor them both. Reginald’s wife, my grandmother, Florence,  gave me permission to use his name. She lived to be 110 years old, living in three centuries and dying in Shelby County, Kentucky in 2005.

Here is a free link (to BandCamp) from my blog site (under Music) to a 45 year retrospective of my music performed with eleven wonderful musicians at the Shelby County Community Theatre in 2015: (The album is also on all the popular music streaming services such as Spotify)


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