The Dan and Susanne Adventures!

Do you remember when you were young? Not young as an adult, or even an adolescent.  And not young as in a child.  I mean young as a youth, in that high time of newness of form and strength. That time between childhood awe and teenager stupid.  A time when your own inquiring mind exploded with interest and wonder.  And your nimble, thin legs carried you forth with the courage of a young bird in first stumble.

What fun! Dan is twelve and his sister a little older. And now all five of their short story adventures are together in the same book! Hedge Apples and Pleistocene Animals, Sacred Places and those that return to them, Mysterious Maps of the Moon, Castle Rock in Santa Cruz and a flying Red Volkswagen!

You can get the individual short stories on Amazon, but you can only get this compendium on my blog site     You remember, don’t you?

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