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  1. Really good Reggie! I contacted Cholera in 1971 while in Greece from a contaminated well. We were rescued by Geek students who took us to Athens where their father was a doctor. I recovered in 4 days with antibiotics. I lost 30 lbs. It was gruesome, but I also feel fortunate.

  2. Thank you for entertainment and continuing education.
    Happy to say I have now lived a longer life than George.

  3. We should appreciate more the role Public Health and sanitation have played in eliminating these ailments. Next up, Richard Mentor Johnson, one of the most interesting Kentuckians who is buried in your area.

  4. I enjoyed reading this, Reggie! From the image showing all the different ancient religious traditions, I would be intrigued to learn more about how ancient cultures thought (or didn’t think) about these questions.

    All the best!


  5. I read and enjoy every word Dr. Van Stockum writes. He makes me think and I relay what I gleam from the posts to friends, which stirs conversations that I never would have thought.

  6. Interesting question and one that every person should entertain well before the answer is demanded of us. Most have seen friends or relatives go through painful procedures to gain a few more days or weeks and, as you say, at what cost imposed by a health care system that assesses costs in a seemingly arbitrary way AFTER the fact. Here’s my own question to those willing to think about death: what will you contribute during your additional days/weeks/months? Will you add anything or just be a consumer of health care while enriching pharmaceutical CEOs? Ever count the number of drug commercials? Think those companies are concerned about your welfare? Might want to look up Opioid Crisis/Perdue Pharma!

    Based on some of the “unpopular” data available about Covid and the treatments, we may have already opened Pandora’s Box and be on the cusp of some revelations regarding the extent of the avarice in health care.

  7. As usual, you never cease to amaze me with your insight and breath of knowledge.
    I am always interested in reading articles on biology, history, and George Washington, in particular.
    Thank you for an interesting article!

  8. Reggie, I enjoy your essays as they are thought provoking and well researched. I have shared the posts with our son, Keith (living in San Francisco), and Ellen Sisti Wade because I think they’ll appreciate them. Take care my friend.

  9. Very interesting article. Washington did seem to choose his words carefully, and revealed little of his personal opinions.
    Perhaps some of our political leaders of today could learn a great deal from him.

  10. Great trip down memory lane. My career began in DNREP at the Air Division, and later the Permits Division of Mining & Reclamation, where Jackie Swigart helped save part of the Agency from a power grab of the legislative that involved millions in federal funding. During my tenure at the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS), I always enjoyed seeing and working with the leadership from my home state, and I am still friends with some of them.

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