The Wonder of Natural Life in Kentucky, Softback – On Sale!




Now on sale!

The Wonder of Natural Life in Kentucky by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Art by Steven P. Eilers

“It was a complete success at delivering fact after fact in short, declarative sentences. It seemed to pick up steam in a way that made you want to stand up and cheer for Kentucky when it ended! It made your readers feel proud to Kentuckians. It also made so much sense with so much good information … There is an unusual lilt in your writing.” -Thomas Dupree, Sr., Lexington, KY

“As a devoted lover of Kentucky and all of its variety from east to west, I enjoyed … The Wonder of Natural Life in Kentucky. It surely Brough to mind the blessings that have come my way from hiking over so many of its beauties … Our family recreation involved hiking and camping in out Letcher Count and many other Kentucky wild places. I wish you had been among our companions.” -Ann Frye Caudill, Whitesburg, Kentucky

76 Pages, Soft Cover

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