Xortal: Listen to the Rocks (Book One), Softback – On Sale!



Now on sale!

Xortal: Listen to the Rocks – Book One by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Illustrations by Steven P. Eilers

A world of Magical Realism greets Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.’s saga, Xortal! The novel proceeds at a riveting pace with a tale of cave exploration, sudden disappearances, battles, and romantic interludes. Swords, clubs, and body tubes! Hidden chests, ancient scripts, and zizterrays! Characters we love and love to hate. Follow the humans at Tenlakes with their sentient horses and furry triads, and with mutant, warts, mad Markman, and the evil Marloth. Add romance and danger to this adventure, and we are thrilled and chilled!

In Xortal, freedom against tyranny and slavery are still at stake. If you’re looking for battle scenes filled with tension, characters strong in character and tender in contemplation–a rare gift to have both–Van Stockum again delivers.

532 Pages, Soft Cover


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