Dawn of Dusk- Three One Act Plays!

The Dawn of Dusk is a creative combination of the “fiction science” and magic realism of Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. and a lifetime of theatrical production on stages all over the country in Jack Wann. The three plays in this volume transform performance spaces into other worlds, often surreal, but always provocative and exciting. [...]

Praise for Mister Doctor Henning!

PRAISE FOR MISTER DOCTOR HENNING   A Washington D.C. Lawyer:   "My jaw is still dropped. It was fantastic! I have my seat belt fastened, and I am ready for the rest of the ride... I know authors are supposed to let their writings speak for themselves, but one of the things I find remarkable [...]


 DECIPHERMENT  It's a writing thing.  I do it all the time.  At times, I've made a living from it.  The reading of words backward.  Trying to break the code as to what is really meant, what is left out, and what is the true thinking really going on. Writing is not the science of mathematics.  [...]

The Protean Life of a Vernian Flight

THE PROTEAN LIFE OF A VERNIAN FLIGHT Scientist, sailor, continental trader. Playwright, poet, lawyer, dreamer. We are all familiar with the famous characters of Jules Verne and the places he took them in exploration. Not just on the land, but in our struggles upon those spaces wherein we live today. He had fought them just [...]