The Sea Peoples

THE SEA PEOPLES Rarely is change so complete. So damaging. So replete. Maybe when the Neanderthals were killed off? When the Roman Empire collapsed? When Chinese dynasties died? Catastrophic change. And none greater than the destruction of the great Mycenaean Palace states of Greece and the Middle East. Empires of chariots and bronze! Who did [...]

The World Order That Collapsed Before

THE WORLD ORDER THAT COLLAPSED BEFORE We often think that new weapons change the balance of power. Chariots in old Egypt. Nuclear bombs in World War II. And now, nuclear weapons in North Korea. It is tempting to believe that the great collapse of the late Bronze Age civilizations, around 1,200 B.C. in the Mediterranean, [...]


AKHENATEN, TUT, AND ZANNANZA! "My husband is dead. I have no son. But they say that you have many sons. If you would give me one of your sons, he would become my husband." And Pharaoh! The request is in Akkadian cuneiform, but from the wife of an Egyptian King. It is written to Suppiluliuma, [...]