Jubilee Barndance, a new musical!

  Jubilee, Kentucky is not a real place; but is depicted as a salute to the many, many stars, hopefuls, producers, technicians, audiences, listeners and fans of the "little guys" in the history of country music in America. This new musical hopefully gives a long overdue credit to the values, ideals and aspirations of the [...]

Yellow Fever! What the hell is it?

YELLOW FEVER!  WHAT THE HELL IS IT? It ain't chicken if you define things against Captain Courageous! And it don't care 'bout you, just about your tissues.  So stop saying such foolish things.  You know better, and it's bigger than you, anyhoo!  It was also called, "Bronze John," "Yellow Jack," "Malignant Fever," and "Black Vomit!" [...]

Typhoid is not Typhus!

TYPHOID IS NOT TYPHUS! And neither is it a person, so stop saying that! Typhoid is bacteria and, thankfully, not a virus.  And that is a good thing, for we can kill bacteria [sometimes] with antibiotics [think about the meaning of that word] and soap can attack their cellular membranes and tear them apart.  Good [...]