When Radio Ruled

  WHEN RADIO RULED  When I came of age, television had invaded our lives.  Ed Sullivan showed us the Beatles, and the nightly news showed us the daily body counts of the dead in Vietnam. Civil Rights, and the Women's Movement.  Revolution in our culture.  Rebellion in our generation.  But change had had preceded us.  [...]


 BATHSHEBA, ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S GRANDMOTHER  One of them.  Lucy Hanks, from Virginia, is the other [more on her family later]. Bathsheba Herring Lincoln was the wife of our Abe's grandfather.  He was killed in Kentucky by Native Americans in 1786.  Abraham, father of Thomas, and father of our Abraham. Bathsheba, like the biblical mother of King [...]

The Other Abe and his son Mordecai

THE OTHER ABE AND HIS SON MORDECAI History lies just down the road.  The turnpike of rolling time that runs right through your own lifeline.  The one right there in front of your door.  In my case, it is Shelbyville Road, originally cut by Squire Boone [Daniel's brother] in the late 1700s.  An escape route [...]

“A Plague on your Houses”

"A PLAGUE ON YOUR HOUSES"  That was William Shakespeare in his play, "Romeo and Juliet," written in 1592.  [Act 3, Scene 1].   Appropriate at this time of our pandemic. For Europe had, by Shakespeare's writing, already suffered two hundred years of the Black Death!  Let's investigate. The "Plague" is caused by a lowly bacterium, one [...]

SURROUNDING: Mammoth Cave!

Introduction This is a journey log.  One of culture, history, and scientific exploration.  A recognition that, when we focus on the significant, we often ignore the peripheral things of interest.  And there is much to learn about in those places. I love Kentucky, its people, its culture, and its landforms.  And I love the fact [...]