When Radio Ruled

  WHEN RADIO RULED  When I came of age, television had invaded our lives.  Ed Sullivan showed us the Beatles, and the nightly news showed us the daily body counts of the dead in Vietnam. Civil Rights, and the Women's Movement.  Revolution in our culture.  Rebellion in our generation.  But change had had preceded us.  [...]

SURROUNDING: Mammoth Cave!

Introduction This is a journey log.  One of culture, history, and scientific exploration.  A recognition that, when we focus on the significant, we often ignore the peripheral things of interest.  And there is much to learn about in those places. I love Kentucky, its people, its culture, and its landforms.  And I love the fact [...]

Dawn of Dusk- Three One Act Plays!

The Dawn of Dusk is a creative combination of the “fiction science” and magic realism of Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. and a lifetime of theatrical production on stages all over the country in Jack Wann. The three plays in this volume transform performance spaces into other worlds, often surreal, but always provocative and exciting. [...]

Praise for Mister Doctor Henning!

PRAISE FOR MISTER DOCTOR HENNING   A Washington D.C. Lawyer:   "My jaw is still dropped. It was fantastic! I have my seat belt fastened, and I am ready for the rest of the ride... I know authors are supposed to let their writings speak for themselves, but one of the things I find remarkable [...]

George Washington’s Slaves

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SLAVES            He inherited his first humans when his father died.  Ten slaves.  He was eleven.  That was in 1743. And he wasn't living in Mt. Vernon then.  That would come later.  Mt. Vernon was his stepbrother's place.  He was living with his mother near Fredericksburg, near the geographic [...]

Jubilee Barndance, a new musical!

  Jubilee, Kentucky is not a real place; but is depicted as a salute to the many, many stars, hopefuls, producers, technicians, audiences, listeners and fans of the "little guys" in the history of country music in America. This new musical hopefully gives a long overdue credit to the values, ideals and aspirations of the [...]

Yellow Fever! What the hell is it?

YELLOW FEVER!  WHAT THE HELL IS IT? It ain't chicken if you define things against Captain Courageous! And it don't care 'bout you, just about your tissues.  So stop saying such foolish things.  You know better, and it's bigger than you, anyhoo!  It was also called, "Bronze John," "Yellow Jack," "Malignant Fever," and "Black Vomit!" [...]