Cosmos the Stellar Stalker


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Cosmos the Stellar Stalker by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Illustrations by Steven P. Eilers

“Author of Markman’s Home, Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. , has created characters as memorable as any in the realm of magical realism. Set in Louisville, Kentucky in 1976, the writer recounts what-ifs with spectacular scenes in a rail yard, through hidden tunnels, and in old buildings. From the beginning when a visitor from another world pops up in a downtown Louisville ad agency, until the spectacular finale, the action ratchets up at a dizzying rate. Prepare to be entertained when looking in on the making of television commercials; prepare to be titillated with descriptions of dancing girls; prepare to be amazed at the scientific descriptions with a bit of creative physics as the author takes you along for the ride in his fertile mind. In this latest adventure, Van Stockum gives us another unique and interesting journey into the world of ‘What if?” -Mary Popham

Mary Popham’s essay, “The Kindness We Give Each Other,” recently appeared in This I Believe: Kentucky. Her novel, Back Home in Landing Run, was published by MotesBooks.

266 Pages

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Hard cover, Soft cover, CD Audiobook


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