Markman’s Home Expanded Collector’s Edition



Markman’s Home by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Illustrations by Steven P. Eilers

“Markman’s Home is a journey in modern Magical Realism. Using multiple narrative accounts with a mix of history, philosophy, story, and essay, Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. blends the present and past with a possible future after the world’s destruction.

The action takes place in familiar settings, fertile plains, palisades of stone towering above rivers, caves, waterfalls and trees. Freedom against tyranny and slavery are at stake when humans turn against their own kind. They control Warts, wolf-like packs of wild dogs, and Mutans, human variants seeking to rise and dominate. Arrayed against these forces are the Great Ones, highly intelligent giant horses, and Triads, furry chattering, vicious little creatures that transmit their collective memory through mind pictures.

Van Stockum’s novel proceeds at a riveting pace as he engages the reader with hidden chests, ancient scripts, glass-plated body tubes, and the words of Markman recorded on a hidden device. Tension and wonder fill every scene in his created world of progression and conflict as Markman’s Home is found again.” -Mary Popham, author of Back Home in Landing Run, published 2013 by Motesbooks

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Hard cover, Soft cover


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