The Bed in the Corner of the Attic



The Bed in the Corner of the Attic by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Art by Steven P. Eilers

“An intriguing title announces a story that keeps the reader enchanted! Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans, and the opening information will fascinate and educate. We relax as the tale unfolds with the workings of the BPAP machine, the perfect, cool, fall weather, and the open attic window tempered by a heated mattress. We sink into this quiet, dark, and soothing space. Suddenly, we are alarmed by sounds of claw-toed scratching, and watch as narrow, flat filaments begin to extend from the gap between the upper and lower mattresses. Is this a love story or a horror story? Fans of Van Stockum’s previous books will enjoy finding the answer in this creative mixed genre of dream analysis, anecdote, magical realism, and biology. His prose soars with a delicious, understated humor, and varied allusions ranging from the Bible, classical literature, and pop culture. A Bed in the Corner of the Attic has a particular feel of emotion and is a complete joy.” – Mary Popham

Mary Popham’s book reviews have appeared in the Courier Journal, The Louisville Review, and other venues. Her short story collection is entitled Love is a Fireplace, and her novel, Back Home in Landing Run.

Soft cover

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Soft cover


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