The Little Girl and Christmas



It’s Christmas time. But this one is different. The Little Girl makes a snow angel as she giggles and rolls in the snow. Pappadoo flies “up and out, spinning in the air to land like an angel into the snow bank next to her.” Encouraging the little angel to come in from exploring the cold snow, he explains, “it’s gift-giving time!” The Little Girl enjoys making confetti snow of the white wrapping paper as she brings out a large black rock from her gift box. No. It is not a lump of coal!

Listen and learn about the 3,000-year-old gift that the Little Girl joyfully receives from her Pappadoo. This is a special Christmas at his farm, and one that he shares with his loved ones. Once again, Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. brings us a taste of history, geography, and life’s lessons, all with family at the center of a birthday celebration for each of us at Christmas time.


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