The Little Girl and the Cave



Bouncing along in the back of Pappadoo’s blue pickup truck, the family heads to Charette’s Cave.  Dressed warmly and equipped with caving gear, they are ready to explore the opening that the wise old grandfather had once shown his boys when they were young.  At the entrance, the Little Girl and her mother jump into a tall pile of leaves, tossing them up like clumps of floating brown snow.  Heading into the “inviting darkness that moved back under the slope,” they slowly crawl around fallen blocks of rock with strange markings, find impressions in the soft clay floor, and gaze at black smudges on the ceiling.  They come to an opening too small for any but the Little Girl and her mother to squeeze through.  Little Susie gives a tiny smile, and the mother agrees to go further in.  Join in this amazing spelunking mystery as Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. takes us on another stimulating and inspiring learning expedition.  Oh, what an adventure!


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