The Little Girl and the Stream


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The Little Girl and the Stream by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Art by Stephen P. Eilers

“Stomp, stomp, splatter, splatter. It is great to be alive! The Little Girl jumps all around the pool with a high-pitched giggle, maybe not unlike that made by a mink after drinking and now making room for others.”

This is a joyous story about the granddaughter of Pappado who visits the Kentucky farm where her father was born. She was born along the Hudson River in New York State. The author paints her adventure with his knowledge of the plant and animal life on the farm, with its bounty along the trails, in the high fields, and among trees. They visit an old quarry, one that had provided limestone rocks to build walls around the farm fields and for the frame around the big old farmhouse. We read about streams, their connections to pearls via native freshwater mussels, and fossil brachiopods that look like clams. He describes a community of friends who drink from the same pool wherein she wades. She also learns about the Black Water Snake. Watch out! He will still strike, hold you, and chew. Join the little girl as she wades, climbs, and stomps. You will enjoy the visit with her as much as she loves to dance!

Soft cover

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Soft cover


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