The Little Girl and the Woods




Fans of the Little Girl and Pappadoo will enjoy this latest thrilling experience as told by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. The family sets out on a hiking trip, away from the town and its falls. They arrive at a trail in the woods “…that lays across the waters of the long Hudson River Tributary. … That is why it is so wild. Hard to get to. High slopes. No bridge.”

Susie sits atop her father’s shoulders. A snake ahead? Pappadoo scouts upslope, and the Little Girl, having been let down from her father’s shoulders, bolts to the ground climbing on all fours like many other animal in the forest. The parents are alarmed but Pappadoo has seen the ways of the wild in the eyes of his own children as they grew up. He now teaches the family traditions to another generation. The author lets the reader experience these explorations in the wild, teaching that our lives are much like this walk through the woods. Each has our own trail. Get set for another inspiring journey of learning and adventure with Pappadoo and the Little Girl.


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