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“Goosehead Joe” Interview on 104.9 FM in Irvine, Kentucky!

“Goosehead” Joe Crawford is CEO of Estill Development Alliance and Executive Director of the Estill County Chamber of Commerce. He also hosts the local “Come On Home” radio show on 104.9 FM in the town of Irvine, located on the Kentucky River in the glorious foothills of Kentucky’s Eastern Mountains. I was pleased to be recently interviewed about my artistic endeavors and an upcoming performance at the Estill County History Society Museum



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Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. is a lawyer, teacher, biologist, writer, guitarist, and recently an actor living on his family's old farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Santa Clara University, and a Masters and PhD. in Biology from the University of Louisville. He also has his Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. He practices law from offices in Shelbyville, Kentucky concentrating his legal practice in environmental law. His biologic research is in historical phytogeography. Dr. Van Stockum, Jr. has published numerous books, articles, and short stories in the areas of law, science, and creative writing. most of his 24 titles are available on this site and Amazon with many on Kindle and Audible!

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