Jubilee Barndance: A Musical



Jubilee Barndance: A Musical by Jack Wann and Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Jubilee, Kentucky is not a real place; but is depicted as a salute to the many, many stars, hopefuls, producers, technicians, audiences, listeners and fans of the “little guys” in the history of country music in America.

This new musical hopefully gives a long overdue credit to the values, ideals and aspirations of teh live an dradio-based Hoedown and Jamboree shows that were so much a reflection of traditional culture in the rural United States in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

“They had to come from somewhere…maybe it was from Jubilee!”

(The musical score is provided for stage productions only, and is not included in this sale.)

Soft Cover

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Soft cover


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