Return to Venus



Written by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Illustrated by Steven P. Eilers

Maybe we may never take a spaceship to Venus.  However, we can sit in our armchairs, grip the pages of a book, and travel with heart in throat, exploring this planet of clouds and carbon dioxide.  Author Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr., once again, thrills and chills us with his latest psychological thriller, Return to Venus.  Capturing the essence of that hot planet, you wonder if Mister Doctor Henning is using Rebecca, or if she is using him?  Does Binghamton reappear?  Is Vandermeerium still so powerful?  Are the Salamanders friends or foes?  And if the Special Edition Buick Park Avenue still remains in one piece.  And all with the Adrians, Marloth, and Markman, himself, in this new adventure, the third in the series.

With a style akin to the pioneer, Jules Verne, Van Stockum changes the voices of the narration with various characters.  And with “Author Asides” he gives us biology references, scientific descriptions of the planetary system, and wry, humorous personal opinions spoken directly to the reader.

You will love this charming book written within the frame of a very old man telling stories to his very young great-grandchildren.  A book of time and symbols, memory and longing, it is also a reference to enjoy when you cannot journey to Venus on your own.

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Hard cover, Soft cover


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