Little Girl and the Sea



Little Girl and the Sea by Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr.

Art by Steven P. Eilers

Adventures aplenty for the Little Girl!  She journeys with her father, mother, and Pappadoo to Half Moon Bay, near San Francisco.  They wade in the tide off Pillar Point and laugh when Pappadoo, the Little Girl’s grandfather, shows her the Moon Glow Anemone and it latches on to her toes with little suckers!  

“Come on! It’s low tide!” yells Pappadoo.  But his son disagrees.  “Waves come in cycles and big ones may come on without announcement.”  But Pappadoo scampers about in the water until a roller approaches and he is rolled within.  

With the Little Girl placed safely in her mother’s arms, the son rushes in to catch his father.  After the wave hits, the son sees a limp, log-like lump rolling forward toward him.  Pulling Pappadoo up, they race back out of the water together.

Pappadoo had emerged from danger teaching safety as one of the Little Girl’s  lessons. For he is an enthusiast.  And the mother and the father are fairly certain that the Little Girl is too!


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